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Seeking your cultural stories!

If you were educated outside of the United States, what was it like the first time you took a course in the U.S.? What was different? What was confusing? What did you like or dislike? We’d like to hear stories from non-U.S. learners!

October 4, 2013 Posted by | Culture and How We Learn | 3 Comments

Join the conversation – What IS a cultural difference?

I posted two videos on the Global eLearning Community website ( In the first one, learners from different countries described the challenges they faced the first time they took an American course. In the second video, they made suggestions as to what would have made learning easier for them as non-Americans.

I asked colleagues on LinkedIn to give me their input. To my somewhat surprise, some of them felt that the challenges expressed by these learners were common across America and were likely not cultural at all.

I invite you to join the conversation on LinkedIn!

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