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Graphic design…who are you trying to impress?

eWorldLearning Business Card

I asked several global colleagues to comment on several business card designs, one of which was multicolored, contained my photo, and had a few tag lines for marketing purposes. I found the response from my German colleague, Rita, to be quite interesting…

[Dear Andrea],
As to your business cards…What should I say? What I see is unfortunately not to my liking…
Does it mean that I am adapted to German mono-colored (mostly white/black) quite simple-looking B-cards with simple design – without any photos, pictures (only a logo), with no (or minimized – a slogan) texts, giving only essential information (such as name, business address…)?

I also asked, “Do Germans tend to give their card to everyone they meet? Or after they’ve developed a relationship?”

[Dear Andrea],
When you take part in some workshop/seminar/congress, it’s a must to take plenty of your b-cards with to ensure that full details of your background, qualifications, titles, and tel, email, Skype are given. You have little time to develop a relationship, so in case you’ve had a small talk and found somebody interesting, you ask for his/her b-card. A general rule: Small talk—–B-card (mostly with a question: May I have your B-card?)

Rita then supplied me with this information and these examples:

This is a trend – Firm’s logo, white and black, who, where, to be contacted via phone, e-mail, etc. The Germans are practical and direkt. Nothing extra. (“Oh, he/she is sooooooooo creative!” – does an engineer or a doctor need it?)

But – to compare:
Creativity has its say but for those who are in creative branches-web designers, graphic designers, photographers, etc. In a designer forum, a young media-designer is discussing his b-card idea and is being critisized for having used his photo (“are you a designer or a hair-dresser?”)

That’s why I was unprepared to accept the variant proposed to you by your designer.

What do YOU think of graphic versus textual business card designs?

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