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From a GEC colleague, Toni Hando

Dear Andrea,
I went to Japan to teach English and noticed that sometimes my lesson plans did not go over the way I expected. Eventually I found out that I was asking students to do things they were not expecting in a class. As an American I expect students to give me their opinion and speak out in class. I am using Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimensions as a tool to explore our own cultural background. I have had a few ‘Deer in the headlight’ moments from my students. Especially when I have asked them to give me their opinion. I had a Japanese friend, a fellow student in my undergraduate courses, ask me where she could find her opinion. At first I thought it was a vocabulary problem, but then I found out that they are not asked to give opinions and challenge the teacher.


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Until July 31, 2013 – Free membership in the GEC

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If you are truly interested in how culture affects adult learning, especially in the online environment, go to the Global eLearning Community (GEC) home page ( and look for “Last Chance.”  Starting August 1, 2013, we will be charging for membership in the organization.  Until then, you can still join free.  Follow the instructions on the website, especially the part about submitting the Biography Form.  I hope you’ll join us: We are strongly pursuing the move towards being a globally recognized professional association.  Regards, Andrea

Dr. Andrea Edmundson, GEC President

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