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When it comes to culture, why are people so stubborn?

People pay me to analyze their training and elearning and then make it more culturally appropriate, yet…they hesitate to adopt my recommendations!  Sometimes, it’s too late for them to make changes, but more often, it’s a refusal to recognize that these changes really do affect how people learn, how well they receive the course, and how successful the learning event is.

How can I overcome this cultural blindness that doesn’t allow people to realize that others ARE different and thus, prefer to learn differently?

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Hello world!

I’ve decided to kick-off the New Year with a blog for the Global eLearning Community.  I invite you to post responses to my comments about my experiences, work, and research.  Any comment I post is just the beginning of a new discussion!

I want to hear from YOU about your experiences, so that the WORLD can better understand that people from different cultures learn and teach differently and, to be effective, we need to adapt our mindset and approaches to other learning preferences and styles.

Regards, Andrea

Dr. Andrea Edmundson, CPLP and President of the GEC

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